Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Post!!!!

Wait... really? This can't be right.

Is someone actually reading this?

I guess it's true, as improbable as it might seem. In that case, I'd like to apologize in advance for any boredom incurred by reading the content of this blog. I certainly don't intend to bore anyone, but I always imagine that to be the immediate result of any attempt to peer into my thoughts. I mean... is anyone really interested in reading about how I knew the battle at which William the Conqueror gained his title and the year it happened without knowing that I knew it? That's the kind of stuff I'll probably be writing about.

So why am I making a blog if I expect its readership to be in the negative numbers? The answer may shock you. I doubt it will, though. Put simply, the answer is because I've always been intrigued by the idea of writing a journal or diary. Someplace to put my thoughts on whatever subjects I choose to write about. But diaries are, by nature, private. I've always had problems writing when I know no one will read what I'm writing. It just seems pointless. I know that's not the purpose of a diary, but it's still been enough to guarantee failure every time I've tried to start one. I'll make a couple entries in the first week and then just kind of forget about it. So what's different about this? Well, a blog is, by nature, the antithesis of private. There's no guarantee that anyone will ever read it. In fact, as I've already pointed out, I don't expect anyone to. But there's a chance that someone will. Even just that slight chance gives me enough to be able to imagine an audience. And if I can imagine that someone's reading, it's much easier to write.

Even with an audience, I usually don't have much to say. I am quiet in writing as much as I am in speaking and anyone who knows me knows never to challenge me to a silence contest. So one shouldn't expect frequent postings here either. But, every so often, I may come up with some thoughts I deem worthy of voicing. I make no promise to deliver anything that's interesting to anyone but myself. Given my weird and eclectic interests, such a delivery is unlikely to happen.

Anyway... that's about all the interesting thoughts I have to share at the moment, so I'll wrap up this post fairly abruptly. It was the Battle of Hastings in AD 1066, by the way.